71: Sunday 22nd November 2009

Today I was just straightening out a few things that I needed to finish up since fitting the electric motor. I remounted the power steering motor and pump. To do this I made a plate to shift the mounting up and back about an inch. I shortened the brace for the new position. When I mounted the plate I used riv nuts for the first time. When I bought the kit, I also bought a 9.1mm drill bit that is the correct size for the 6mm riv nuts. So I drilled 2 holes, screwed a riv nut on the tool, inserted it in the hole then squeezed the riv nut tool and then I had a 6mm threaded rivet in the body. Took about 5 minutes for each of the riv nuts. Much easier than trying to fumble around finding the hole from the other side and getting someone else to hold one side while I tightened it. In some places (like the ones where the PAS pump is mounted) it is not possible to get to the other side without either going through with long threaded studs or having to strip out the interior of the car. Marvellous! The PAS pump now sits further away from the body, so there should be no vibration from the motor.
I also fitted the clutch actuator and with my 13 year old daughter Sydney-Ann's help on the pedal I bled the air out of the pipes. I now have a working clutch again. Fitting the clutch actuator was not so straight forward as I had to undo the top mount to get to 2 of the bolts to mount the bracket on the pipe, and remove the battery tray to access the hydraulic connection.

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