69: Friday 20th November 2009

The motor is in. I hoisted the motor on a couple of straps, nice and level only to find that with the clutch and flywheel and spacer all fitted on the motor, it was too big to go between the gearbox and the chassis. I took off the vacuum pump and moved it out of the way to so I could come in at an angle, but this didn't solve the problem although it did help. I removed the top mount form the gear box, and pulled the back end of the motor upwards to make it at angle, then I just about managed to get the clutch and flywheel inside the gearbox bell housing. I released the additional strap to make the gearbox sit level. Lined up the height ready to slide the motor on and as I was explaining to my friend how this bit can be fiddly and take a while, I took my hand off the strap and on its own, the motor slid onto the gearbox all the way home. That has never happened to me before. Normally it takes a while to wiggle it and coax it on. Slipped the bolts in and put back the gearbox mount and the vacuum pump. I put some temporary wiring in place to give the motor a test run on a single 12v battery direct onto the terminals. Before this I put my fingers through the starter motor hole and spun the motor a few times to make sure everything was lined up and there was no snagging or unusual noises. All was fine. I connected the battery and it ran smooth. Then I ran it with the gearbox in 1st gear. It went backwards, but that was the temporary wiring, not a problem. Happy days. I have now found a source of some steel for making battery trays, so come pay day I will be there to buy some. Now I need to make some cardboard battery mock-ups to try and figure out where I can fit them in.

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