62: Friday 6th November 2009

Today I got my custom shaft key and hub spacer ring back. Cool. The key had to fit a 1/4 inch keyway on the motor and 8mm on the hub. I had a piece of tool steel machine ground to the exact size. I expected this to just about not fit the shafts. As it happened it was a spot on interference fit for the motor shaft, but just a tad too big for the hub. I ground a tiny amount off on my bench grinder and it is so snug that it has to be pushed in to the shaft and won't fall out on its own, but I can still take it all apart as well, so this is just right now. The bearing spacer I had made to 11mm and that is how much it holds the flywheel away from the adapter plate. I wanted 10mm, but this is not critical as the clutch movement is not going to be affected by 1 mm. It will probably remove any slack from the clutch actually. Hopefully I can borrow a hoist tomorrow and finally put the motor and gearbox in. You can see in the photo what a snug fit the key is in the hub.

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