73: Sunday 29th November 2009

Made up a model of the frame to hold 3 of the batteries. I put it in the car with the battery model on the top shelf and it looked a bit high up. I put a level across the top of the head lamps to get an idea of how much clearance there was. It was about an inch, but the hood comes down a bit on the inside, so it was tight.

I remembered that the actual batteries have a venting protrusion on the top and it sticks up from the rest of the battery, so the terminals were actually quite a bit lower down. I put one of the actual batteries on the frame and put the level across and there is a good 2 inches of clearance and as this is fixed to body, it will not change position, so I am happy now. Next weekend I will borrow a metal chop saw and go and get some angle iron and bar from the metal suppliers. I am borrowing a MIG welder from a friend. My wife bought me an electronic welding mask last year, so all I need is some gloves and I am ready to fabricate the battery mounts.

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