100: Friday 8th January 2010

Unfortunately I have not been able to do anything for the last few days for two reasons; I am off work sick with flu and just starting to get better, and the car is covered in snow. However I could not really do a test drive with the snow on the roads as it is extremely slippery. I had confirmation from Iota that they are shipping a replacement DLS 55 DC-DC converter to the alternative energy store who will forward it to me. That should then bolster up the 12v so the PAS pump can run and all the other 12v equipment. The guy at Iota did suggest that I could try replacing the internal fuse as there was a remote possibility that the back emf from the 120v line contactor was the reason it blew, but he could not be sure. There is a resistor inside that has the wire cut, but this is deliberate as the same circuit board is used for more than one type of converter. I hope the snow can go away tomorrow so I can have some time to do some testing.

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