107: Wednesday 20th January 2010

Not much happening at the moment as I am off sick again. I went to the doctors yesterday and I have a chest infection. I picked up the prescription antibiotics and now trying to shake it off. I think this is because of the flu that I had a couple of weeks ago. Hope to be better by the weekend as I have lots planned. I am so close to getting this on the road now. I am still not going to rush anything at the last hurdle. I found out some more about the process of getting it all legal in the U.K. This is what I have discovered; once you believe you have the vehicle roadworthy, then you need insurance and to get this you need an engineers report. Not all insurance companies ask for this, but you will be paying extra for the sake of a simple report. You need to find an Engineer that is ministry qualified (such as an MOT tester) and they write a short report stating that they have examined the vehicle and found the conversion from a petrol engine to battery powered electric motor to have been carried out to a satisfactory standard for use on the road. Send a copy of this to the insurance company, then you can drive the car to a test station for the MOT test. It will need to be tested as a petrol car and not produce any emissions. Then a trip to your nearest DVLA office where you que up to be seen so that you can get your log book changed to electric and hence the taxation class changes. You will need to take any paperwork with you including invoices for the motor etc and any other information about the work done. The more information you take, then the less likely it will be that a further inspection is required. Hopefully then you can go back in the waiting room to get your new "Free" tax disc. It will be interesting to find out how much of this exists in my reality as nothing seems to go exactly to plan.

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