103: Wednesday 13th January 2010

I picked up my replacement vacuum switch from the post depot today. Came home and fitted it, but it does not cut the vacuum pump? Either the switch is no good or the pipes have a small leak. I had a little drive and the brakes are pulling well with the vacuum pump running, so I am not sure there is anything wrong with the vacuum switch. I think I need to get hold of a vacuum gauge so I can see just how much it is pulling. I disconnected one of the pipes after the pump had been running and there was a big whoosh as the vacuum was released. Also the brakes work fine. So I must be getting a good vacuum. One step forward 2 steps back. I am going to get a replacement battery on Friday, so I will be back up to 120v and the indicator and motor controller can work correctly again. I have also been notified that the replacement DC-DC converter is on its way to me. I expect this will arrive next week.

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