96: Friday 1st January 2010

Today's distraction was a family visit to the in-laws. When we got back I set about routing the power cables through the car. I managed to lift up the existing looms and poke the cables down below them inside the carpet by the doors. I haven't got any photos today as it would just show the cables not showing. However that suggests I did a good job. It all took a lot of squeezing and heaving to persuade the panels to fit back on. There may be some slight bulges that weren't there before, but they don't notice. The seat belts were tricky to get past, so I tied the cables to the seat belt brackets to make sure they would never snag or restrict them in any way. It took me a good few hours to get everything in and through to the trunk area. Now it is all trimmed and the cables are where they need to be. I came in for dinner and had a visit from a neighbour for a new year drink. By this time everything was freezing up outside and my cold is still quite bad, so I called it a night. Happy new year to all....

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