97: Saturday 2nd January 2010

Today's distraction was a pub lunch and measure for a suit for my friends wedding in August. Before I went off I managed to get the angle iron cut for the rear battery trays and one piece welded. I came back bloated and measured (about 3 sizes too big by my reckoning) and got stuck in again. I got the frame finished off, put riv nuts in the car to take the frame and added the hold down straps. I will have to raise the frame slightly with spacers so I can get the spare wheel out of the trunk (it's one of those silly "get you home" ones). My wife is painting the bottom of the frame as I am typing, so tomorrow I can paint the top first thing in the morning. When that is dry I can mount the batteries, connect them and then give it all a quick try. Still need to take out the fuel tank and mount the incoming power plug for the charger. So not much left to do now. I will post some pictures tomorrow.

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