105: Saturday 16th January 2010

It is actually Sunday morning that I am writing this blog because I wanted to show that we do have sunshine sometimes.... I shall write another later at the end of the day.
Back to Saturday, I finally got round to removing the fuel tank (Hurrah!). It was hard work as all the bolts were awkward to get to and tightened by Arnie's big brother. I did manage to get just over a gallon of fuel out of the tank, so that will keep the Jeep going a bit longer. The pile below is what came off including the fuel tank, exhaust heat shields and the last of the exhaust pipe.
This shows how tight the bolts were. I bent the end of my socket extension, so that is now consigned to the scrap heap. Next job to fit the power inlet plug and put the interior back together in the rear of the car.

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