95: Thursday 31st December 2009

I took a day off yesterday as I was feeling quite ill. I still have a touch of the sniffles, but not so bad today. At least I rested all the aches that have been developing over the last couple of weeks. Today I connected up the Anderson connector and put the caps on the batteries. I then run the cables through to the trunk. I decided to go inside the car and under the trim. This means the cables are protected from the elements and it all looks nice and tidy (invisible in fact).
I ran the 2 cables for the batteries and a cable for the charger to connect to the plug at the fuel flap. You can see in the photo that these come into the car behind the glove box. I have pulled them over to the side where they will sit behind the front side trim. I tried to push the cables in along the side of the door, but I am going to need to do some special routing as this clashes with the seat belt anchor point. Everything else is o.k. Once I get the cables hidden past the door then the back quarter is easy.
I left the battery cable in a loop for the time being until I have the batteries mounted, then I can make the cuts to the correct length. Once I have the cable routed, then I can make up the battery mounting brackets. Not too much else to do now. Oh I still have to take off the fuel tank....!

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