06: Saturday 9th May 2009

Mission; to seprate the gearbox from the engine and drain the oil.

I was determined to keep the intermediate shaft in the gearbox to retain the oil. Hoisted the engine up to remove the bottom bolts. I took off the small splash plate and decided in order not lose it I put it back on loose with one bolt. Lowered the engine down and removed the top 4 bolts and started wiggling it. After half an hour of pulling heaving and wiggling I realised the splash plate was holding it on. One sharp tug and I nearly fell over as it came off real easy. Unfortunately the intermediate shaft came out along with a load of oil. I quickly lifted the gearbox round to the front of the garage and put it on it's end. I placed the gearbox on a raised trolley, took out the drain bolt and drained the oil into a bowl. Then I noticed oil trickling down the driveway and found that the bowl had a split in it, so I put the bowl in a bucket and put a cd cake lid under the last trickle. After some contemplation I noticed a puddleforming around the bucket, that also had a split in it. How unlucky am I? Found another bucket and with almost a whole roll of heavy duty kitchen towels managed to get most of the oil up. So much for my plans not to spill oil. So now the garage stinks rancid of gear oil. Mission accomplished (sort of).

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