02: Sunday 3rd May 2009

3rd May 2009....

Today the engine strip out starts. I have the pot box for the throttle and DC-DC converter. This week the ADC FB4001 motor should arrive. The Zapi H3D controller, Zivan NG3 charger, Zapi programmer, Battery Discharge Indicator, direction control, cables and lugs should all arrive in about 2 weeks. The controller is being made up on a heat sink with the contactors and fuse etc. This will all be tested before it is sent. Paid about £160 for labour, but I thought it was worth it as it will be tested as a unit then I just need to hook up the motor, batteries, BDI, potbox and direction switch. Haven't sourced the batteries yet, more research to be done.

First step, remove the bonnet. The battery was removed, but the battery box bolts were all rusted in. Two came out but the third had a damaged head so I had to pull the box off the bolt by force.
Disconnecting the wires and pipes was fun and games. I felt like I was helping a cow give birth putting my arms up the back of the engine pulling connectors off. I think the exhaust was tightened by Goliath's big brother. I couldn't face trying to undo the cross member that was trapping the exhaust pipe, so tomorrow I will try some release oil on the exhaust bolts and if that doesn't work then I will saw it off.
Just the exhaust and the power steering, undo the mounts and it's ready to lift out.

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