39: Sunday 26th July 2009

I remebered the earth terminal on the gearbox, so fitted this and added it to my collection of ground wires hooked to the battery by a jumper lead. Now the headlights worked. Next the blower, I took out the glove box and pulled the connector from the motor. The circuit shows a live connection through a fuse and a relay. The speed is controlled on the ground side of the motor. I checked the motor connection, no live supply. Checked the fuse, live o.k. I eventually found the blower relay in a rubber mount by the hood hinges, this was not energized. Checked the supply to the relay and this was o.k. Shorted across the the relay contacts and the blower worked, so the problem is with the relay. Took the outer casing from the relay and operated it with my finger, the blower worked, so the relay contacts were o.k.. Tested the supply to the relay coil and found 12v on the ground side as well as the supply side, bad ground. I had removed another wire too many. Made a new ground and now the blower works fine. The right speaker was just some dubious connections, fixed it. Just the airbag light now, probably another bad ground. I pulled the trim from the 'A' pillar and made a cut out for the battery gauge cable. Trimmed the gauge pod to the shape of the 'A' pillar trim. This took a while to get it to fit nicely. Connected the gauge in the pod, fitted the 'A' piller trim back on then screwed the pod to the trim.

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