30: Friday 19th June 2009

Set about taking the dashboard and heater unit out. First problem was the LED for the alarm on the cluster bezel. I fished around for the other end of the wire. I had to cut a load of cable ties off just to get the wire free. The alarm unit itself was just tied up inside the dash. The cluster came out fairly easily. I unbolted all the fixings for the dashboard. After some tugging, I found another bolt that was not mentioned right in the middle of the dashboard on the top by the windscreen under a square platic cap that just pops out. Then the bolt is just about accessible. Pulled the dashboard forward and disconnected the wires. After some head scratching cut a load more ties to release the alarm loms and then the dashboard was free. The manual also forgot to mention about removing the steering wheel. I tried to unbolt it and pull it off, but I needed a puller. Went round to my brother's and borrowed his 3 legged puller. The steering wheel came out easily as did the blower and heater unit. I removed the heater matrix and set about organising an electric heater element.

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