24: Tuesday 9th June 2009

After talking to Zapi the first challenge was to calibrate the accelerator. This was straightforward, but the fault didn't go away. Zapi suggested trying another potentiometer, that worked, but the motor still didnt run. I linked out the seat switch input then the motor came to life. So back to the pot box, still wont work. Measured across the pot track and it was 20k ohms. Although the pot box is quoted as 5k, it was oringinally 2 wires, not 3. So with 2 wires and 90 degrees movement this has a range of 0 to 5k. With 3 wires it is 20k and the controller works with pots from 500 ohms to 10k ohms. So I will get a new pot tomorrow and fit it into the box, then that problem should be solved. Connected BDI (Battery Discharge Indicator).

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