27: Sunday 14th June 2009

Designed and made the 12v circuit to control the 120v connections. First time I tried it all worked fine, but after a few tries the main contactor wouldn't latch on. The 12v battery was only reading 7v. Put my 12v charger on and it all worked fine again. At least it fails safely.

Click on the image to enlarge.

I simulated the 2 key positions with the same house switches that I used previously with the 120v only circuit. The objective is to use the existing car controls (12v) to enable the 120v controls. The purpose is to avoid passing 120v cables around and through metal panels. This also makes it possible to keep the 120v circuits close to the controller. I still need to get a 120v heater for the interior heating. I will have to make an exception for this, but I can use the old heater hose holes to pass the cable through.

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