32: Sunday 21st june 2009

Finished up pulling the tape etc. from the engine looms. I started cutting out the connectors one-at-a-time. I didn't want to cut the big rubber grommet, so I released it from the bulkhead. To remove each wire I had to follow it from the connector through the bulkhead to the engine controller connector inside. I then cut it from the controller connector, then back under the hood and pulled it through the bulkhead and grommet back to the particular connector. This was fine if the wire went direct as a single wire. If the wire came up to a splice joining more wires then it was cut right there. After all the connectors were removed from under the hood, there were still a number of wires left in the engine controller connectors inside the car. Single wires were cut as they entered other looms or splices. Still some wire left going to the diagnostic connector under the hood and the fusebox. As the fusebox connectors may become live I put terminal connectors on the ends to insulate them. I found that as I was cutting wires from the common splices, eventually there would be 1 wire in and 1 wire out, so they were traced to inside then cut and pulled. I have been methodical and I have only kept the speed sensor, and the starter solenoid connectors as these are the only ones I need to run the controller and the speedo. The colour codes on the wiring diagram did not match the car. I assume these were the Mazda colour scheme. I took the speed sensor from the gearbox and found the correct connector and taped it out of the way. Now I need to remove the power cables for the starter and start testing the circuits. I need to get the heater element before putting the heater unit and dashboard back. The picture shows some of the wires I removed.

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