76: Sunday 6th December 2009

There was no football match today (pitch waterlogged) so I had a full day, yippee. First thing was to cut the angle iron for the cross brace to support the batteries. Unfortunately my welder hasn't arrived yet, so I thought I would make progress with mounting the other bits. After separating the contactors from the motor controller I had much more scope to position everything. I spent some time looking at other people Probes and they all have much smaller batteries or sacrificed the back seat. I am sticking with mounting 3 batteries in the front and 7 in the rear. The photo shows the metal cross brace and a new wooden frame for the controller and charger. I found that the DC-DC converter will fit nicely under the normal 12v battery tray. So now I have a plan, I started making the metalwork with these mounts all bolted together (I might weld some of them later, but there is nothing too heavy, so it is a bit overkill).
Now I have tried this out with a wooden model, its time to commit it to metal. I used aluminium L section fixed with riv nuts on the firewall then secured the frame to this at the far end. Fixing to the cross brace was straight forward. I took time to make sure everything lined and was square. It always looks a better job when this is the case. I couldn't borrow the metal chop saw, but my Farther-in-law gave me a thin disc for my angle grinder that is for cutting stainless steel. It cut through this mild steel quite easily. I shall give all the metal a coat of black hammerite when I have finished making all the mounts. Then it is time to wire it all up again. Not forgetting that fuel tank that I need to remove and keep putting off!

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