85: Thursday 17th December 2009

Mounted the painted battery support frame today. I put a fresh coat of paint on the bits you will see most and touched up the gearbox a bit where some paint had chipped off and also on the slam panel.
made a new bracket from angle iron that goes between the battery frame and the body to support the vacuum pump in the correct horizontal orientation. I also changed back to the anti-vibration mounts that came with the pump. Now I have all the manufacturers mounts and it is mounted as they recommend, so there should be very little noise evident inside the car when the pump is running. I must contact Erick in China to get the replacement vacuum switch. The old one that I sent back seems to have got lost in the post, so he said I would need to pay postage for a new one. Not his fault I suppose, and probably cheaper and quicker than getting it from the u.k. Not too much today as it is freezing cold here. I took the bracket in the garage and gave it a coat of that red paint and called it a day.

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