89: Monday 21st December 2009

Today's distractions, a trip to the town to go to the post office to pick up a Christmas card that someone had forgotten to put a stamp on, cost me £1.30 too, pick up some paperwork from my wife's work office, then onto the supermarket for food shopping. Somehow that took 4 hours out of the day. So I came back ready to get stuck in and it fell down with rain. Before we went out I did manage to put the newly painted brackets back together.
I then put the controller and charger on the brackets and found that I couldn't access one of the bolts for the contactor plate and the motor connections. I took the charger back off and fitted the contactor plate to the frame, then wired up the field connections of the motor to the controller. Fortunately some of the cables I made for my earlier experiment with the controller and motor were perfect for what I was connecting now. Where I had taped the ends, I now put heat shrink to cover the ends of the cables. It was easy, in fact the hardest part was finding my instant heat gun. A quick blast of heat onto the heat shrink and the ends look perfect now.
I fashioned a rain cover going between my garage door and the car hood so I could carry on in the rain. I used the old bracket that I made for the vacuum pump to mount the 12v control box onto the same mounts as the vacuum pump. I was able to use the same holes, so that was a quick job to fix it all together. I then finished up making the connections for the motor, controller and the contactors. Next job is the throttle box.

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