92: Sunday 27th December 2009

Today's distraction was a trip to the dump to get rid of the Christmas cardboard boxes and wrapping followed by a trip to the town to drop off my daughter. All that took just over an hour, so not so bad. One of those niggle jobs, I fitted the temperature sensor that I made into the motor. I put heat conducting grease on the threads and at the end of the bolt so there will be optimum performance from the sensor. You may remember that this hooks up to the old coolant temperature gauge in the original instruments and has about the same temperature range as engine coolant. Now that is done I moved on to the controller 120v connections and the pot box etc.
The cable I had on the throttle pot box was way too long and the grommet into the box had dissolved. So I cut the cable fitted a new grommet and seated it and and re-made the the connections to the controller. Next was the battery discharge indicator cable. This was too short to reach the motor controller, so I cut the connection and made new ends and soldered these to the old end. I used rubber sleeves to cover the solder joints, then taped the whole lot up. A similar procedure was required to extend the connection for the contactors that I separated by cutting the plate for a better mounting position. Then I moved on to the connections between the control box on the 120v side to the motor controller including; the throttle micro-switch, the forward and reverse controls and the line contactor. I need to run a cable for minus 120v for the heater to the battery minus connection then that is nearly all done for the 120v side. Next big job is installing and connecting the batteries, the charger and the DC-DC converter. Oh and I still need to take the fuel tank out. Then I can fix the power connector in the fuel flap.

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