88: Sunday 20th December 2009

Today's distraction was a trip to the town for some Christmas shopping, but I did manage to pick a pack of longer bolts. Just as well that I got some more bolts as I am going through them like they are going out of fashion. It takes 8 bolts and 4 nuts (I used riv nuts on the brackets) to mount the motor controller, and the same to mount the charger. It took another 4 nuts and bolts to mount the motor contactors. That's 20 bolts and 12 nuts! You can see in the photo below that I have made up the mounts for the Zivan 120v charger so that is now ready to mount. I also added the bracket to the left side of the motor and charger brackets to support the contactors. I drilled the contactor plate and the brackets and checked the whole lot all bolted in place.
Then I had to take it all apart to give it the customary coat of red paint. It is not just cosmetic, I chose red Hammerite as it provides a good barrier to rust (it says 5 year guarantee on the tin) and it matches the colour of the car. I also prepared the throttle box linkage so it can take the end of the cable and worked out the brackets to mount the control box for all the 12v controlled devices. There's them dogs again....

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