90: Tuesday 22nd December 2009

Today's distraction was planned as in the afternoon we were setting off on a train to London to go to the Imax cinema to watch Avatar in 3D. It was a really cool film. At the end of the film the ...... I am not that cruel, see it for yourself and find out what happens at the end. With limited time I set out to mount the throttle cable to the throttle pot box. I first made up the bracket from aluminium L section and mounted the pot box and cable to it. Then I had to find a home for it. The problems were numerous and I now empathise with Packaging Engineers in the auto trade; the cable could not bend too much or it would foul and jam, there needed to be something to fix to that could be accessed with tools and it could not be touching any cables or moving parts. I tried beside the vacuum pump, down by the PAS pump, and I found the perfect place on the firewall, but I would have to cover the VIN plate and that is not allowed. I ended up in the space between the motor controller and the Zivan 120v charger, but this had nothing to mount to apart from the plastic cases of these two devices. I made some additional brackets from aluminium bar to support the throttle bracket. It did not need to be strong as the cable pulling was already accounted for on the throttle bracket. So these two new brackets bolted to the motor controller plate and hold it nicely. There is a couple of millimetres of clearance around the brackets and it does not touch and of the moving cables and other parts. There are 3 photos below to try to show the different brackets from different angles. Otherwise it is a bit difficult to see as the throttle is mounted in a gap.

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