81: Saturday 12th December 2009

Unfortunately my wife and daughter were both ill with flu or a cold. Fortunately this meant no football training, so another full day, yippee! When I phoned up my daughter's football club they told me there was no match planned for tomorrow, double yippee!! I carefully measured and marked each piece then took it in the garage and welded it together. The photo shows the completed battery hold down strap. I used a riv nut to fix the strap to the slam panel (I love riv nuts!).
Next up was to weld the battery supports together, then I can take all the bolts out that were holding it together during construction. The one in the photo was still hot, so I left the bolts in for now.
With all the supports welded together it was time to try it all out again. Everything fits, snug, but it fits. The photo shows everything in place. Next job is to weld the supports to the cross brace and fit the riv nuts at the front to fix the brackets to, then fix the other parts to the brackets that I made before. I have decided to relocate the vacuum pump as it is not mounted in the correct orientation at the moment. Oh and I need to get my vacuum switch back otherwise the vacuum pump won't work. I need to make up brackets to hold the seven batteries in the trunk, then it is time to wire it all up.

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